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What My Students Say


If you're struggling with jazz and improvisation and playing with a band like a true pro, Jordan's resource is a God-send.

Buying tons of jazz books and watching YouTube videos on improvisation was a scattered approached that was frustrating until I came across Jordan's material and his website. He has really taught me so much about providing great musical accompaniment to a singer as well as very useful improvisation techniques.

Mabel Lim, Keyboardist at Misschief


Jordan's ability to empathise and prepare me for a stage performance has changed me — I'm now more confident in my playing.

When I tried improvisation on my own, I often started panicking and was intrigued by Jordan's ability to play so flawlessly. I got to learn from someone as amazing as him and have developed so much as a musician. There are some things that Google and YouTube can't teach and you can't go wrong with Jordan's methods.

Felyn Ong, Student at Raffles Music College and Part-Time Music Teacher


From a classical pianist to a proficient contemporary pop-ensemble keyboardist, thank you so much!

I was mesmerised with what I heard when I passed by a studio where Jordan was playing and became his student. He's really transformed me from a classical pianist into a very proficient contemporary pop-ensemble keyboardist — able to confidently play live within a band setting!

Tun Niang, Piano teacher

Want to Learn Jazz Piano Extremely Quickly By Learning From A Real Industry Pro?

Have you ever wondered how some people learn jazz so quickly while you struggle with enough getting the "basics"? Do you feel like the jazz resources out there are all about theory? Are you someone that learns extremely quickly through watching videos?

Well, you're not abnormal. It's absolutely normal for you to feel that way.

In fact most musicians and creative learners struggle with learning from pure theory and many people even give up on jazz before they even try because it all seems so "technical and complicated". 

But that's where I'm here to put to bed once and for all the jazz jargon; to make it extremely easy for you to pick up jazz.

In fact, if you're willing to put in some practice, you'd see amazing results within days! But first...

Let me ask you a question.

Look at the 2 images above.

Would you rather have the guy on the left or the person on the right teach you piano?

I really hope you picked the guy on the left. (he's Cory Henry, one of the world's best keyboardists right now!) But what's most important, is that he's constantly using his craft in real live performances and playing with world-class bands. It's his real-world experience that separates him from your regular piano-school teachers. 

This is me live at a recent Jazz Festival

I'm Jordan Wei and I'm a professional keyboardist. I've played, recorded and done tours with popular artistes in the region such as David Tao, Wang Lee Hom, JJ Lin, Dami Im, Joanna Dong and many others.

But my heart and passion lies with teaching hungry and aspiring musicians to guide them on their musical journey and provide extremely practical education. I can't help buy notice a lot of the education we have in academia or music just seems to wander in the wilderness of theory. It's just not that useful in the real world!

Why Jazz Ninja Was Set Up — To Make Learning Practical

You know the feeling you get when you face really stubborn people who insist on one way of doing things — because it's the only way they know how to do it?

Here's one of the things in life that make me really angry:

Parents sending their reluctant children to attend a music school just to learn a handful of songs every year just to pass a music exam.

Yes, it actually makes me SERIOUSLY LIVID just thinking about that! I'm looking at all these kids, filled with immense music potential, only to be put within a rigid structure of rote learning which most certainly will kill off any passion for playing piano!

But let's run some of the numbers so you know what a piano education costs:

Music Lessons - $80 per hour 

4 Music lessons a month - $320

12 Music lessons in a year - $3840

Yes, that's right. Parents are paying up to $3.8k a year for their child to learn 3-6 songs for a yearly exam that doesn't help them learn to play by ear, improvise or even help them play in a band or ensemble!

Good music education doesn't have to be expensive. In this digital age, there are so many resources available to everyone and anyone online, that even a 7 year old beginner could easily pick up and play the piano fluently in 3 months.

The MAIN problem is that because there are SO many resources available today at one's finger tips, people don't know where to start! Well the good news is that at Jazz Ninja we like to keep things current and relevant.

Imagine: What you can do with real practical piano/keyboard skills

  • You can start jamming with friends and enjoy making using together as a group
  • Impress anyone and possibly everyone and inspire them with your professional-sounding skills
  • Be extremely confident in your playing and actually BE CREATIVE with your own style
  • Have incredible fun while learning to play not just a a solo musician buy how to blend and complement other musicians and singers
  • If you're part of a church or house of worship, you can truly use your musical gift to set the emotional tone and create a intimate ambience for the congregants
  • You will become an all-rounded musician that people would love to have you around in their performances
  • If you're really passionate you can actually take your skills and hone them until you become professional.


Here's what you get with a Jazz Ninja Membership:

  • Over 100+ Jazz Piano Course Video Tutorials, Song Tutorials, Improv Tutorials...
  • Professionally done chord charts across genres (Jazz, English, Mandarin, RnB, Neo-Soul, etc)
  • Useful blog articles about jazz
  • Jazz solo transcriptions
  • Original Compositions and Arrangements
  • Sibelius tutorials
  • Regular content updates, (more chord charts, solos, tutorials, etc)
  • All in one place? And all from a professional musician, not just any ordinary music teacher.

AND IT'S ONLY $9.99 a month!

So the question I have for you is are you willing to make that change? To discover your full musical potential and not get hoodwinked by these so called Music School "Methods".

Or are you going to just keep playing the same 3 pieces yearly to prep for an exam you'll probably forget by the next month once it's over?

I hope you choose wisely...
If you want to make that change today,


Play Jazz like a pro in the quickest time possible!

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