5 Legendary Jazz Pianists You Should Listen To

By Jordan Wei​ There are many great jazz pianists out there, from the likes of Monk to McCoy; with each one of them having their own unique style and flair. And navigating through a plethora of individuals can be quite overwhelming at 1st, especially when it comes to deciding who to study. So to help you […]

12 Killer Ways to Transcribe Jazz Solos at Lightning Speed

Transcription can be a very effective tool for learning how to improvise but if you’re just starting out, it can feel like quite an overwhelming task. Especially if the tempo is 300bpm, the song is in B and if the artist you’re transcribing is Parker or Coltrane. Picture this. If you’ve ever set out at the […]

7 BS Facts about Learning Jazz Improvisation Everyone Thinks Are True (and 3 things to practice to instantly sound better)

How do I learn jazz improvisation? The perpetual question on everyone’s mind from jazz enthusiast to student to professional musician. If you’re an avid learner like me, you’ve probably spent the main bulk of your time trying to find the most effective way to learn jazz improvisation. And sooner or later, you would have come […]