Hi there! My name is Jordan Wei and I’m a professional musician and educator. I’ve played and recorded for many famous artistes including David Tao, Wang Lee Hom, JJ Lin, Dami Im, Joanna Dong, Sezairi Sezali and many more.

Using my professional performing experience on international stages, I’ve also conducted numerous workshops for music schools such as Wolfgang Violin Studio, Methodist School of Music, Verve Music School. The list goes on.

In 2018, I launched an instructional jazz piano method book called “Finger Tips” which aimed to revolutionize how students learnt jazz piano. Steering away from traditional learning methods and allowing students to learn from a professional musician’s point of view.

In addition to that, I also launched this website www.jazzninja.com, to serve as an accompanying resource to the book Finger Tips. Jazz Ninja Insider membership gives you access to hundreds of video tutorials, thousands of downloadable professional chord charts and many more professional tips on playing jazz and contemporary piano.