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I Help Aspiring And Intermediate Jazz Pianists and Keyboardist Who Struggle To Learn Advanced Jazz By A Providing Real-World Practical Learning Course With Easy To Follow Exercises And Charts So You Learn To Play Professional Jazz Extremely Quickly And Impress Your Friends AT THE SAME TIME.

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Finger Tips is a book designed to allow anyone with any level of musicianship turn pro-sounding all within 52 weeks of intensive training and instruction.

The book features:

  • Minimal explanatory text so you don’t have to navigate your way through piles of academic fluff.
  • 3 modes of learning via traditional notation, musical alphabets and keyboard diagrams for students who learn better via non-traditional means.
  • Step by step instructions and a quick “go to” system that teachers can utilize for their own lessons.
  • A weekly and daily practice schedule for those who need a systematic plan drawn out for them due to time constraints.
  • Unique “real-life” topics such as creating intros/outros, piano fills, song forms and many more pro tips on learning jazz piano.

What Is Jazz Ninja?

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Jazz Ninja is an online community which ties in with the Finger Tips book. It gives you access to hundreds of video tutorials, thousands of downloadable chord charts, sheet music and many other resources.

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The Jazz Ninja training programme aims to transform anyone at any music level to become a professional sounding piano player in 1 YEAR.

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Jordan Wei

Jordan Wei is a professional keyboardist who has toured with A-list music celebrities and is an accomplished jazz musician. His love for music began before he could begin to walk and is passionate about leaving his legacy by teaching aspiring musicians the secrets of jazz.

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

Hi there! My name is Jordan Wei and I’m a professional musician and educator. I’ve played and recorded for many famous artistes including David Tao, Wang Lee Hom, JJ Lin, Dami Im, Joanna Dong, Sezairi Sezali and many more.

Using my professional performing experience on international stages, I’ve also conducted numerous workshops for music schools such as Wolfgang Violin Studio, Methodist School of Music, Verve Music School. The list goes on.

In 2018, I launched an instructional jazz piano method book called “Finger Tips” which aimed to revolutionize how students learnt jazz piano. Steering away from traditional learning methods and allowing students to learn from a professional musician’s point of view.

In addition to that, I also launched www.jazzninja.com, an accompanying online community that gives students access to hundreds of video tutorials, thousands of downloadable professional chord charts and many more professional tips on playing jazz and contemporary piano.

“Crafted with much thought and hard work, Jordan Wei has taken the time to break down jazz and pop piano playing in a systematic way. His straightforward and methodological chapters are written simply enough to make you realize that learning jazz is not as hard as you think. I wish such a book existed when I was starting out. It would have saved me years of effort figuring things out for myself and allowed me to use the time saved to learn other things about making music.”

Jeremy Monteiro
Singapore’s “King of Swing”,
Jazz Pianist, Composer and 
Executive Director of Jazz Association (Singapore) Limited (JASS)

Here's What Our Clients Say

“It’s great learning from Jordan as he is extremely knowledgeable. I am able to ask him anything about music and he explain things in a simple and effective way, making difficult concepts easy to understand and apply.”

Toh Xin Zhan – Author or “A comprehensive guide to Music Theory”

“I’ve had the privilege of learning under Jordan for the past 1 1/2 years and it has been as enriching & thought piquing as it can be. Jordan’s patience & creativity in conveying theory concepts & genres (from pop to gospel to jazz) have inspired & pushed me to explore music with deeper passion and depth!”

Mabel Lim – MissChief

“My entire college stint was the most blessed and best 4 years of my life with Jordan as my teacher. He is patient, compassionate and always going the extra-mile to answer musical questions as well as my life questions. He is not just a musician, he is truly shapes people’s lives.”

Annabelle Chian – singer/songwriter

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Access to hundreds of accurate jazz transcriptions, added monthly each worth more than a monthly membership.

1000s of Downloadable Chord Charts

Access to thousands of downloadable and professional chord charts used in ACTUAL celebrity concerts!

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Finger Tips Book Video Series
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Chord Charts (PDF Files)

- Jazz / Gospel / RnB
-  English Top 40s
- Mando / Canto Pop
- Others (Malay, Japanese, Korean, etc)

Original Compositions & Arrangements
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Jazz Solo Transcriptions
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Meet Jordan Wei: The Pop Star Pianist

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